Express grammar test

Express grammar test


Write NO MORE than two words in your answer.

Write out your INCORRECT ANSWERS and number of PAGES from the section INFO.

At the end of the test you will find a link to OXFORD GRAMMAR BOOK

Work on your mistakes by looking up the necessary grammar rule and doing the exercises

Find and correct one mistake in EVERY sentence.

1. My train is leaving at 9.15 every morning. 
2. I’m working here since July.
3. We have gone to the theatre yesterday. 
4. When I was a child I was loving ice cream. 
5. They are not believing us. 
6. We’ll call you when we’ll get to the airport. 
7. Mayumi is born in Tokyo. 
8. Sergey is 25 years.
9. Do you hot in that sweater?
10. He can to speak four languages.
11. Do you want speak to me?
12. I don’t want go to work today.
13. He sat in the meeting without to speak.
14. I went to the post office for buy stamps.
15. They told to me to leave.
16. I must go to the hospital yesterday.
17. I’m no tired.
18. Where is post office?
19. He smiled, but he didn’t say nothing.
20. They all speak English very good.
21. My sister is doctor.
22. I’m thirsty. Is a bottle of water in the fridge?
23. Do I must show my passport?
24. Will you like a sandwich?
25. Nobody know where she is.
26. It’s tallest building in the world.
27. Kim plays the piano very better than Henry.
28. When I saw Sue, I gave the present to herself.
29. Sorry, I haven’t got some time.
30. It is more hot today.
31. This room is too much cold.
32. The women which helped me is there.
33. The police is looking for him.
34. Eat fruit is good for you.
35. Please listen me carefully.
36. This juice isn’t enough cold.
37. Please give to me your address.
38. I worked during three hours last night.
39. I asked her what was her address.
40. I will arrive on time if I will leave home now.