Learning styles


The interactive flipchat will show you what English you should study and how.

1. Why do you study English?

You want to find a better job, travel and enjoy your work-life balance. You think that knowledge of English will help you to find a decent job, but you’re not sure. However, you travel from time to time and want to meet up new people and socialize.


You want to enter college or university in another country, or maybe try working abroad. You think you might want to stay in the country to travel to and start a new chapter of your life. You need a solid proof of your knowledge that would be valid anywhere you go.


You are thinking of getting a new job or changing the field completely. To get a better job you need advanced language knowledge and skills. You have frequent business trips and get to talk to clients on a regular basis.



2. Who are planning to talk to?

You’re planning to communicate mostly with Americans, sometimes with Europeans.
Study American English
You’re going to talk to Canadian, or British guys, or Australians.
Study British English
You don’t know who are going to communicate with: Ukrainians, Canadians or Europeans.
Study International English

3. How do you like studying?

You enjoy watching videos, quietly do your exercises, working in pairs and have plenty of time to practice your speaking. You want to role-play some real-life situations, discuss your day, what you’ve read, listened and done with somebody who prefers to listen more than to speak.
Study by yourself or with a tutor
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You enjoy socializing, hanging out with other people, playing games, actively doing tasks in groups or pairs. You’re ready to talk to others and listen to what they’ve got to say.
Study in a group
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