Vocabulary: Natural Phenomena

Practice skill: Listening

A: Listen to this British news report about Florida, in the USA, before a hurricane hits. Number the sections of the report in order (1-4).

1. latest information about this hurricane
2. interviews with members of the public
3. the connection with global warming
4. news about the police

B: Listen again. Are these sentences true or false?

1.  The man in the house does not have much food.
2.  The weather at the coast is currently bad.
3.  Hurricanes are unusual in this area.
4.  The police officers are in the police station.
5.  Every year there are more strong hurricanes.

Practice skill: watching the video

A: Answer the questions:

1. What is the weather like on Friday, December third?
2. What has happened to the truck?
3. What seems to be the problem with the camera?
4. Is the snowstorm going to die out?
5. What weather will we end up with by noon?

B: Listen again and write True [T] or False [F] against each statement:

1. It is going to snow heavily in Pennsylvania and New York.
2. Ohio and also Michigan are expected to be clear and dry.
3. The snow is working its way up to the northern plains right down the Mideast.
4. It’s going to be humid across California and Nevada.

C: Listen for high temperatures today in various cities:

1.  in Seattle
2.  in San Francisco
3.  in New York
4.  in Miami

Vocabulary: weather idioms

A: Write the idioms you hear:

B: Write the meaning of idiomatic expressions in the comments below.

C. Make sentences with the idioms that are true for you.