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1. Watch Melanie giving her talk. As you listen, complete the gaps.


You a time when I .

To that aim, Aniseto.


3. Read this Part 2 task and loo at two different candidates’ notes.

Describe a person who has been an important influence in your life.
You should say

  • who this person is and how long have your known him or her
  • why you choose this person
    how this person has influenced your life

and explain how you feel about him or her.

Look at the notes of 2 Candidates and try to decide which style of notes would be most helpful for you during the exam.

1. Think about your own notes. When you make notes, do you write them:
A. in a list?
B. scattered randomly on the page?
C. in a mind map or diagram?

2. Do you write
A. single words?
B. long phrases?
C. whole sentences?

Now record your answer and save it on your computer. 

4. Read the Speaking Part 2 task and complete the gaps in the Modal answer.

Describe a person a famous business person that you know about
You should say:

  • who this person is
  • what kind of business this person is involved in
  • what you know about this business person

and explain  what you think of this business person.

exaggeration             superb           affordable            successful       impresses            passionate           entrepreneurs

5. Now plan your answer, plan synonyms you would use, remember about the linking words and record your answer.