IELTS Writing Task 1 presents you with visual information that you need to describe.

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1. Label examples of visial information 1-6 with words A-F.

2. Complete the gaps with the words below.

bar chart      line graph        key      column       pie chart      table       segment         horizontal axis        title        bar      vertical axis        line           row

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3. This description of the graph contains eight mistakes. Underline the mistakes. (Be careful about the data and number accuracy)

4. Let’s practice writing an introduction





1. The second sentence2. As it is clearly seen / travelling by train and by bicycle / in 2000 / from this information / was far less common / than in 1975.

2. Example #1The first sentence1. in 1975 and 2000 / tell us / the number of vehicles /being used / The two pie charts / in the Netherlands.

3. Example #3The first sentence:5. _____

4. The second sentence:6. _____

5. Example #4The first sentence:7. _____

6. The second sentence:8. ____


You need to write an introductory statement for your description. For this, it is particularly important to use your own words instead of copying words and phrases directly from the question. You can do this by

          • using a synonym of the words in the question.
          • changing the form of a word e.g. changing a verb into a noun).

5. Look at these extracts from Writing Task l questions, and candidates’ introductory statements. Replace the underlined words in the candidates’ answers with a suitable phrase from the box to improve the range of vocabulary.

  • how many
  • a group of people of a range of ages
  • the countries they come from
  • the number of vehicles on the road
  • have taken courses at
  • different sports prefered by
  • how much people spent

1. 1. The graph shows traffic growth in the Netherlands between 1960 and 2010.

2. 2. The liar chart shows the sporting preferences of 100 adults, boys and girls in Manchester.

3. 3. The graphs show the number of students that have attended the college since 1980 and their different nationalities .

4. 4. The two pie charts show the average household expenditure in the US in 1900 and in 2000.