IELTS bootcamp: Day 25_2

1. The diagram explains how to make recycled paper from old newspapers.

2. First, tear some newspaper into small pieces and put them in a bowl.

3. Then, add 250 ml of water and leave the paper to soak for up to an hour.

4. Next, using an electric mixer beat the mixture for about 45 seconds until it forms a pulp.

5. When it is ready, pour the pulp into a shallow tray and add a further 100 ml of water. Mix it together by hand.

6. Then, use a piece of mesh, to carefully lift the pulp mixture out of the tray, allowing the water to drain.

8. Then, use a rolling pin to press the paper down and force out any excess water.

9. Finally, leave your new paper to dry in a warm place for at least 24 hours.