1. Describing changes in a place. 

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add         remove         modernise       extend        replace        reconstruct       expand        improve         renovate        reduce        develop

2. Look at the following Writing Task. Then complete the list of changes below.

  • the hotel

  • Steggle Farm

the roads:

  • the shops:

  • the houses:

  • Goode Farm:

the house in St. Peter’s Lane ____ with a supermarket:

• the stables:


3. Complete the sentences with the correct feature.

4. Crammatical Accuracy

Your answer for Writing Task 1 will be marked against specific criteria. One of these is Grammatical Accuracy. To obtain a good score, you need to produce writing that is grammatically accurate.

The TWO maps 1. allows as to see the charges in one small town ova a 300 year period. In the 1700s, the town was relatively small and 2. consists of a few farms and houses gathered around a central market place and church. Transport 3. restricted to horses at that time so the roads were very basic. Having said that, the roads were clearly marked and the river had a bridge running across it.
In the present-day town, a great deal 4. changing. Perhaps the most noticeable changes are those relating to transportation. Our modern-day needs are very different and so the roads 5. are improving and traffic lights, a roundabout and a zebra crossing 6. been adding, as well as an extra road. Increased traffic means that a car park 7. now replaced Goode farm and the fields that 8. are locate at the top of the 1700 map. Housing is another area where many charges 9. are made, while in 1700 there were few houses, now there are rows of houses and a block of flats instead of the stables. A further development is the supermarket and the hotel, which 10. is extending.

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5. Correct the underlined mistakes.

1. I hope that the above information would be helpful to you.

2. I will be grateful if you could think about the situation.

3. However, there were a few things I have to comment on.

4. On the bus, I spend the entire journey trying to make myself warm with the help of my shawl.

5. Secondly, I want to describe the kind of area I like to move to.

6. I am look forward to hear from you.

7. My uncle is going away on holiday, so, he need someone to help run his business.

8. I hope that help you with the identification of my parcel.

9. I writing you this letter regarding doing a computer course.