IELTS bootcamp: Day 3

Understanding Season

A. Listen for the correct season.

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Listening for Frequency

B. Listen to the conversations. Choose the frequency of the action.

IELTS Listening: Section 1

IELTS Listening: Analysis


1. You'll hear three short extracts from Listening Section 1. Listen and identify what makes each speaker different, and what information they want to find out.



People Description
1 travel agent older female
2 hotel receptionist
3 interview
job applicant


2. You need to listen to both speakers carefully. Listen to the rest of the conversations from 1.1 and answer the questions below. Ignore the final column for now.



1. Notes:

  • No need to book the 1. from the airport
  • the customer wants me to organise 2.


2. How many nights will the man stay?
3. Which of the following is on the 10th floor?

4. Which country has the applicant worked in most?

5. What department would the applicant like to work in?