Listening for an Explanation

On the IELTS, a speaker may explain how something is done or made. You will have to listen and remember the steps of the process.

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1. Complete the sentences. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

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Listening for processes

2. Listen and complete the diagram.

3. Match the sentences with prepositions with the correct picture below.

4. Listen to a description of the process and ill in the gaps. Then circle all the verbs used to describe the process.

Here's how to wrap a present. First, gather together all of the things you need: wrapping paper, sticky tape, scissors, some ribbon and, of course, a present. Then, 1. your present on the opened wrapping paper and

2. a suitable amount using the scissors.

Next, 3 the paper around the present

4. it down with sticky tape.

Then, neatly 5. up each of the ends of the paper

and 6. them down.

Finally, 7. the riboon around your present. It's now ready to present!


Labelling a map

5. Choose the correct letter A-F and write the answers next to questions 1-4.