1. Label the reading passage with the correct letters in the box A-G. Features of a Reading passage.

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2. Match the headings from with the subheadings from the reading. 

3. Use the information from the subheading the help you choose the heading for the following statements below.

  • Climatologists are assessing the impact of climate change on high-altitude bodies of water. (Alpine Glacial Lakes)
  • In the 19th century, a schoolgirl and a salesman helped turn the humble soap bar into an $18 billion industry. (Clean Dream)
  • Researchers disagree about whether social media is making us more isolated. (Virtual Connections)
  • James Clegg identifies two current trends that are expanding the role of science in high schools. (Creating Young Scientists)

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5. Sometimes, you may be asked a questions that focuses on the whole Reading passage. This type of question may ask you to choose a suitable title for the passage.

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