Lesson 12_8

Student: I think, ... it’s probably because ... it’s easy to spread around, and it’s interesting to read about ... .

Examiner: Should they report about the good things that celebrities do?

Student: Of course, they should show the the positive side also, because not every person or celebrity is bad. They should show the good of celebrities, like the donations to charities they make ... .

Examiner: Do you think it’s all right that the media talk about the lives of celebrities?

Student: I personally feel it’s not right because we all have the to have privacy. It’s a basic human right to have privacy in life and it shouldn’t be shown in the media. ... But it’s breaking news and people are more interested in it.

Examiner: But then do some celebrities   news about their private lives?

Student: Maybe they do because they want to get famous. It’s the way of getting famous because if … you’re trending and you’re in the news, it’s a good way of being in people’s  heads/minds.

Examiner: But what about most celebrities – do they really the media?

Student: Celebrities do need the media because it’s the media that gets them the , the fans ... go and watch their movies, so celebrities, they do need the media, in my opinion.

Examiner: And film stars?

Student: Film stars, they also need it ... to their movies because … the media represents you know ... and tells society what is happening around the world.
Examiner: Thank you very much. That is the end of the speaking test.