Lesson 13_1

You will hear two students working on a university project. They a re talking about a transport problem. What is the problem? Choose from the list, A-D.
The students are discussing the details of the problem. Listen to the conversation and match each place, A, B or C, with the correct location, 1-4. There is ONE more location than you need.

A. Town Hall

B. Starview Cinema

C. Arts Centre

Now the students are discussing possible solutions to the traffic problem and possible disadvantages to each. Listen to the conversation and match the disadvantages, A-D, with the solutions, 1-4.

1. Bus and cycle-only lanes
2. Park and ride
3. Pedestrian area and one-way system
4. Tram transport system
Listen to the students’ discussion about costs and match the costs, A-F, with the solutions, 1-4. There are TWO more costs than you need.

1. Tram transport system
2. Bus and cycle-only lanes
3. Park and ride
4. Pedestrian area and one-way system
Listen to the discussion of the likely benefits of each proposal and match the proposals, A-D, with the benefits, 1-5. There are fewer proposals (A-D) than benefits (1-5), so letters may be used more than once.

1. Better public transport
2. More visitors
3. Better health
4. Less pollution and compression
5. Greater safety