Beginner's course:
Lesson 4

I. Numbers and to be

1.Listen and repeat. (=Слушаем и повторяем)

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2. How old are they? 

For example, Maria is fifty-two.

3. Look at the picture and describe people on it.

4. Answer the questions.


II. City and countries

1. Listen to Jessica and Tim talk to Tony, Natasha and Monique. Check True or False.

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2. Number the countries.

Australia       Brazil       Britain       Canada       China       Egypt France       Italy       Japan       Korea       Mexico       Russia  Spain       Taiwan       Turkey       USA

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3. Answer the questions about you.


III. Grammar focus

2. Complete the conversations. Then practice with a partner.

4. Answer the questions. Then record with a partner.

  1. Are you and your family from Canada?
  2. Is your first language English?
  3. Are you Japanese?
  4. Is your father from Hong Kong?
  5. Is your mother from the US?
  6. Where are you from?
  7. Where is your friend from?

IV. Writing

1. Read the form and choose T (true) or F (False) for the questions below.

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2. Now read your partner’s form. Complete the information about you.


  • My partner’s full name is …
  • His /her is ….
  • His / Her phone number is ….
  • His / Her email address is ….
  • He’s / She’s interested in … classes.