It is ideal for those who need to brush up their language, enhance their general language level or focus on developing a particular skill.

For those who are seeking to study or work abroad or relocate to another country (Canada, Australia or New Zealand etc.) What we do is structure the materials and guide you through this process maximizing your potential and pointing out the weaknesses.

For those who are seeking to study or work mostly in the USA, however it is recognized by many 10,000 colleges and universities in Australia, Canada and the U.K.

If you need English mostly for work and your career development is closely connected with your language level – this course is perfect for you. More efficient if your level is at least Pre-Intermediate level, so consider taking a General course prior to it.

English language level chart

There is an international standard that is used around the world to describe learners’ language skills. It is called ‘’Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’’ (CEFR). The language level chart below gives a general overview of the number of levels and a short description of each.

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