Understanding Numbers

Many of the questions on the IELTS Listening Module ask you to remember and write the numbers that you hear. This is an easy skill to practice, but a difficult one to perfect. Listen to the numbers and answer the questions.

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A. Write a number in the blank or choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Write the correct number in the gap:

Card number:


2. How many seats are there in the new theater?

Roberts, Sherry

4. How much will the woman pay for the hotel room?

Flight number:


B. Listen to these phone numbers and write the numbers you hear.

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Understanding Alphabet

C. Let’s practice writing letters of the alphabet that you hear. This is a good skill to practice for the test and for real life. 

Understanding Time

D. Listening for time is a very important skill. You must know when something happened. You must listen for time.