Module 3 I Lesson 12:

Speaking skill

Talking about abstract topics

In Parts I and 2 of the Speaking test, the topics and questions are familiar and personal. In Part 3. the topics and questions are more general and more abstract. The questions gradually become more difficult.

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1. Complete the paragraph below. You may need to watch more than once.

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2. Watch and complete the questions the examiner asks.

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3. Watch Emanuele answering the questions again and do the exercises.

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4. The questions in Part 3 often ask for your opinion. Look at the questions l-5 and answer them in your own words. Make sure you expand on your answer using techniques.

1. Do you think it’s more important to earn a large salary or to be happy in your job?

2. Do you think some people spend too much time on their computers these days? (Why?)

3. Do you think the government should try to control the internet, or should people be able to write whatever they want?

4. Pollution is a problem in many countries. What do you think governments can do about it?

5. Do you think newspapers and books will eventually disappear?

Agreeing and disagreeing

5. Sometimes the examiner will give you an opinion and then ask “Would you agree with that?” Look at the following responses to this question. Put the different answers into the correct column according to their meaning.




Improving your Lexical score

6. Another of the criteria your examiner will use to assess your speaking is called Lexical Resource. You will score well if you use a wide range of vocabulary and don’t limit yourself to basic words and phrases. During the Speaking test, try not to repeat the same words too often and use some idiomatic expressions if you can.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

7. Complete the examiner’s IELTS Speaking Part 3 questions. Use the words in the box.

News        newspaper        politicians           reporting      sources      sportspeople     stories

8. Choose the correct words to complete the IELTS Speaking Part 3 test. Then watch the video and check your answers.

[ays_quiz id=”132″]

9. You are going to do IELTS Speaking Part 3. Listen to the examiner. Record your answers. Play to hear your answers.


1. Download your homework

The file attached is for copying only. Please create your own file. DO NOT write anything in the file attached as other participant will be using it as well.

2. Hand it over in 1 week