Lesson 1:
Metal rings

In this lesson we’re gonna learn the new words and expressions with the help of a song. It’s in metal music style and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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1. listen & Enjoy

Listen to the song and read the subtitles. 

Use flashcards below to learn new words and phrases.

2. Learn & Practise

Learn the new words and phrases from the song by doing the exercises.

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3. Short grammar

Present Continuous vs. Present Perfect Continuous

Read the grammar rules and complete the task.

Example: I’ve been walking on ice

“Have been walking” – Present Perfect Continuous

Formation:  have been + verb (=ing)

Means: a long process, he has been doing it for a while.

Example: I’m rolling the dice

“am rolling” – Present Continuous

Formation:  be + verb (=ing)

Means: right now, a short period of time.

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4. Test yourself

Test your knowledge to learn how good you’ve remembered the phrases and words.

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