Passage 2

Passage 2

Questions 14-20
Complete the summary using words from the box below.
Write your answers in boxes 14-20 on your Answer Sheet.

A study that was published in January 2001 found that when children 14. ___ less,

they behaved less 15. ___

Students in a California elementary school participated in the study, which lasted 16. ____. By the end of the study, the children’s behavior had changed.

For example, the children’s 17. ___ reported that the children were acting less violently than before.

During the study, the children kept a record of the 18. ___ they watched TV.

Then, for ten days, they 19. ___

Near the end of the study, the students began to suggest watching 20. ___

Questions 21-24
TRUE              if the statement is true.
FALSE            if the statement is not true.
NOT GIVEN   if there is no information

21. Only one study has found a connection between TV and violent behavior.

22. There were more murders in Canada after people began watching TV..

23. The United States has more violence on TV than other countries.

24. TV was introduced in South Africa in the 1940s.

Questions 25 and 26
For each question, choose the correct letter A-D and write it in boxes 25 and 26.

25. According to the passage,

26. The authors of this passage believe that