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Sprint: Self-testing

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1. Whenever I hear the ___ “A stitch in time saves nine,” I think about the time I didn’t fix my leaky sink right away and ended up having to repair my whole bathroom floor.


2. Bears are ___ animals who feast on berries and salmon.


3. Gianna was ___ to silly suggestions, so it wasn’t surprising when she wore her pajamas to the opera.


4. The unusual-looking platypus is ____ to Australia.


5. Fraud is a huge problem on the Internet. Users need to be especially aware of Web sites that look real but are used for ___.


6. Zebras are one of my favorite ___ because of their black and white coloring.


7. Pessimism seems to be a(n) ___ quality in Gus. Even as a child. I rarely saw him cheerful.


8. I would never respond to ___ related to medicine. Who knows what I would get if I ordered medicine online from an unknown company.


9. Scott found his ___ in making large ceramic pots after he noticed that his competition was focused on creating small and medium sized pots.


10. 10. Some people say I am a ___ to the team, but I don’t think it is a disadvantage to have me on the team despite my failure to make four easy goals and then making one for the other team.


11. The antonym of “jovial” is ___.


12. The synonym of “propensity” is ___.


13. The synonym of “asset” is ___.


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