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IELTS Exam: Academic Listening

Узнайте, какой балл вы бы получили, если бы решили сдавать тест IELTS уже сегодня!

Listening test

This quiz will submit in:

Question 1

Harper Holiday Job Agency

Application for Temporary Work


Personal Details

First Name: Lily

Surname: 1.

Date of birth: 2.


Temporary Work Requirements

Period when work wanted: from June to 3.

Where work wanted: 4. or 5.


Type of work wanted:

1st priority: 6. work

2nd priority: 7. work

Question 2

Question 8-10

Question 3
Community Centre Facilities

Football pitches: 11.

Library: 12.

Tennis course: 13.

Large hall: 14.

Computer lab: 15.


  • A deposit is required
  • Only available at weekends
  • Can be reserved online
  • Currently under repair
  • Recently extended
  • Temporarily not available
  • No booking is necessary

Question 4

Date: Oct. 14th

Event: 16. competition

Entrants: 17.

Type of prize:

Cost of ticket per person: £1.50


Date: Start on 19.

Event: Photography exhibition

Entrants: 20.

Type of prize: DVDs

Cost of ticket per person: £2.00

Question 5

21. Martin and Julia that the most difficult part about working together is

Question 6

22. What does Martin think if important to remember when they deliver the presentation?

Question 7

23. Which aspect of biomechanics is Martine keen to research further?

Question 8

24. According to Julia, sports science is of most benefit to athletes when

Question 9

25. What does Julia say about the psychology of athletes?

Question 10

Are the main points understood 26.

Are technical words clearly explained? 27.

Is audience interest maintained? 28.

Is technology used effectively? 29.

Is the time managed well? 30.

  • A handout
  • A preliminary trial
  • A short break
  • Discussion tasks
  • Questions
  • Self-monitoring
  • Illustrations

Question 11

Tropical ecosystems: North Queesland

Focus of lecture

Type of landscape: 31.

Effect of storms on certain wildlife species


Damage to ecosystems

Most damaged areas lie between 32. and urban development (because unprotected from floods etc)

Plants are most damaged when located near 33.



Effect of recent cyclone

Marsupial numbers remained stable

One 34. species altered its sleeping habits

All species of fruit-eating birds recovered, except the cassowary.

Cassowaries wandered onto roads in search of 35.

Many died as a result of road vehicles and 36.

When disturbed in their natural habitat cassowaries become more prone to 37.


Cassowary conservation

A group of biologists is

Monitoring typical cassowary movements

Providing so-called 38. for cassowaries to move around safely


Plans for the future

Funding has been obtained from a 39.

Need to determine exact numbers of cassowaries

The first protected area is on the 40.



Watch and practise


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