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Learn what is your LEVEL.

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1.Tom did not buy the camera because it was EXPENSIVE.

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2. Sandy decided to eat more fruits and vegetables to improve her HEALTH.

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3. A survey on spending habits shows that the average student in the U.S. loves ___ for clothes.

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4. The results even suggest that many students spend more money on clothes than they do on food, which may ___ some parents!

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5. The event was so POPULAR that tickets sold out online in just a few minutes.

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6. The parents ENCOURAGED their child to take his first steps.

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7. According to a ___ report, climate change has started to affect farmers around the world.

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8. Gulay got in trouble because she did not ask for PERMISSION before taking a cookie.

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9. Although they got the answer wrong, the teacher praised the APPROACH that the students took to solving the problem.

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10. Although some crops will definitely grow better in a warmer world, others may not do so well. For instance, almonds need a long ___ of cool weather each year. Without this, the trees will not flower.

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11. We live in an age in information overload. Research shows that each day the average social media user receives about 300 pieces of content with a total number of words roughly ___ to the length of a typical novel.

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12. Kate’s friends listened SYMPATHETICALLY as she described the unfortunate events that had taken place during her first week of work.

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13. Although the evidence against him looked extremely damaging, Benjy ASSERTED his innocence.

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14. With so much content available, people have less time to spend on any one piece of information, so data must be ___ quickly and effectively to get their attention.

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15. Alan was sure his plan for reducing pollution was FEASIBLE, but he found it hard to raise the capital he needed to begin the venture.

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16. Many of the people in the audience found the whining noise from the air conditioning system to be very OFF-PUTTING.

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17. Many of us dream of ___ great wealth, but the most satisfying thing that Bil and Melinda Gates, who are among the richest people in the world, have done is to give their money away.

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18. Their mission is not only to practice ___ with their own money, but to encourage others among the wealthy to do the same so as to help make the world a more just place.

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