Beginner's course:
Lesson 8

I. Grammar:
can / can't

Look at the picture and read.

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II. Vocabulary:

1. Match each verb with a picture.

ski     sing      drive      swim      draw      dance

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2. Write DO or PLAY in

volleyball    basketball    jogging    aerobics    yoga    golf    soccer    tennis    judo

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3. Write what you CAN do and what you CAN’T.

Sing / swim / dance / draw /  drive / ski

play volleyball / basketball / tennis / soccer / baseball / golf

do yoga / aerobics / jogging / judo

For example, I can ski. I can’t draw.

III. Speaking:
can / can't

IV. Listening:
can / can't

1. Sally is a student at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

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2. Listen again and answer the questions.

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V. Vocabulary:
free-time activities

Match each activity with a picture

play board games     surf the internet     play table tennis     play the piano     go cycling      play badminton     paint

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VI. Listening:
note taking

Listen to two new students, Nick and Julie, talk about sports. 

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VII. Homework

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