Beginner's course:
Lesson 9

I. Vocabulary:

Match the words to the description.

a music store       a stationery store         a shoe store      

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a jewelry store         a grocery store         a drugstore         a bookstore

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Where is the ball?

across from     in front of       behind      between      next to

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What can you buy in a store?

A stationary store       a jewelry store       a shoe store       a drugstore       a grocery store       a music store        a bookstore

For example,
You can buy CDs and DVDs in a music store.

II. Speaking:
How do I get ...?

A. Look at the picture and at the example. Use the words on the picture to answer the questions below.

III. Listening:
Giving directions

A. Listen to Aran, from Thailand, talk about his life at the University of California. Answer the questions.

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B. Listen again and draw Aran’s route to the college on the map.


A. Listen to two conversations and answer the questions.

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B. Listen again and mark each place on the map.

train station        bookstore       drugstore

IV. Homework

A. Read Simon’s letter to Karim. Put a cross on the map to show the location of Simon’s house. 

B. Read the text again or look at the picture and write no more than THREE words or a number.

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Think of a place you know well (for example, your favorite restaurant, movie theater, department store….). Write a note to a friend giving directions. 

Dear …., I know a great restaurant downtown. Let’s meet there at ….. It’s easy to find. ….

Write in a google file and share it with me.