Unit 4 I Lesson 15:

Speaking skill


1. Listen to the instructions the examiner gives at the start of Speaking Part 2 and choose the correct answer.

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Speaking practice

2. Look at the task the examiner gave the student.

Speaking Part 1.

  • Do you usually go on holiday every year?
  • Do you prefer to go to cities or the countryside?
  • Do you like to travel alone or with other people?
  • Why do people like to travel?

Speaking Part 2.

Describe an exciting journey you once took.

You should say:

  • when and where you went on the journey;
  • what kind of transport you used;
  • what happened on the journey.

and explain what you remember most about the journey

3. Before recording your answer look at the right column and let the information in the table help you to prepare. Use the linkers below:

until / once / whether / in order to / yet / while / since

Complete this table with your own ideas, then practise asking and answering the questions with a partner.

When and where you went on the journey

  • Where did I go?
  • When did I go?
  • Who did I go with?

What kind of transport you used

  • What kind of transport did I use?
  • Why did I use that kind of transport?
  • What do I remember about the transport?

What happened on the journey

  • Interesting point 1
  • Interesting point 2
  • Interesting point 3

And explain what you remember most about the journey


  • What do I remember? (Item 1)
  • Why do I remember it?
  • What do I remember? (Item 2)
  • Why do I remember it?

Linking words

3. Read and complete the conversation from IELTS Speaking Part 3. Use the words in the box. 

4. It’s important not to run out of things to say in the IELTS Speaking test. Complete the table with some words and phrases you can use to develop a conversation.

5. Read the examiner’s questions. Choose the correct words and phrases to complete the student’s answers.

Watching video

6. Watch the video of a student doing IELTS Speaking Part 3. Find and correct the student’s mistakes. There are eight mistakes.


7. You are going to do IELTS Speaking Part 3. Listen to the examiner and write down the question you hear. 

8. Answer the questions and record your answers.