Unit 5 I Lesson 5:

Listening skill


Useful language

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bendcrossroads junction
flyoverroundabout  traffic lights

1. Write the correct word from the box to check your understanding of language connected with road travel and directions.

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2. Listen to directions 1-6 and write the correct word from the box.

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Labelling a map

3. Listen to the Director of Sports giving directions from one sports centre to another. 
Write the letter on the correct position on the map.

A. crossroadsB. bend

C. junction

D. roundaboutE. flyoverF. traffic lights

Jeff: Hi. This is Jeff here. I’m calling you all about the inter-college sports competition at the South Hinton Sports Centre next week.

I’m really sorry but there’s been a change of plan. We can’t have the competition at the centre because of the flooding last week after all the rain. It damaged a lot of our equipment and also the floors in some of the rooms. Luckily, I contacted the North Hinton Sports Centre and they’ve kindly agreed to let us use their centre and their equipment for the competition, so I’m phoning to give you directions on how to get there and instructions about what to do there to prepare. You’ll need to meet the others there next Tuesday at about nine o’clock to get the centre ready.

OK, as I’m not sure if you know how to get to North Hinton, I’ll give you directions avoiding the town centre, because it can be quite busy in the morning. First, come out of our sports centre into Lily Road. Turn left and go about two hundred metres and you come to a roundabout. You see a sign to Hinton saying turn left, but that takes you into the centre of town, so don’t take that one. Go straight over that roundabout and you come to a crossroads. The left turn here also takes you into the centre, so don’t take that one either. Carry on for about a kilometre. The road goes up onto a flyover over the motorway to Longchester. After the flyover, you come to the junction with Bramley Road. This is where you go left, because that takes you round the town to the sports centre. Carry on for about five hundred metres. Then you go left round a bend and just after the bend you see a petrol station on the left. The turning for Hinton is just after that at the traffic lights, so make sure you look out for it. Turn right into West Road and carry on. The sports centre is on Green Lane, which is just past the Woodland Hotel on the right. You can’t miss it. There’s a car park there so you shouldn’t have a problem parking. Please don’t be late as we have a lot to do.

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4. Look at the useful words to describe the map and make sure you know all of them. Now listen and choose the correct answer for Questions 6-10.

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Debbie: Now, as you’re all new, I’m just going to show you a map of the hospital and point out a few key places Let’s start with the recreation centre At the moment, we’re in the main building, that’s here and if you go out of the mam entrance and just along the main road to the east you’ll find the staff recreation centre. It’s this T-shaped building and there’s a range of things that you can do here to help you relax

If you get ill, we do have a health centre for all registered employees, and this is directly behind the main hospital building So, if you go out of the back exit, it’s just in front of you, and there’s a small pharmacy next to it. I’m based here and I have a few leaflets on things if you want to come and see me

Many of you will be doing shift work, so you might like to go to the 24-hour swimming pool and sauna They’re very close by, and it doesn’t cost much money to get in. If you walk out of the front of the main building, there’s a road straight ahead of you go down that and turn left into Tye Road – you’ll see the pool entrance at the end of that road, just beyond the line of trees

We’ve talked about eating healthily, and there’s a very useful store nearby that sells a large range of organic products and health-food supplements This is also in front of the main building, but this time you need to go beyond the turning for Tye Road and you’ll see it on the right-hand corner, directly opposite another building.

Finally, if you want a healthy meal and you have very little time to get it, of course there’s always the canteen inside the main building But I would recommend a place called Jenny’s Restaurant. Leave the front of the main building and head for the roundabout When you’re there, take the second turning on the left it’s just along that road before the trees You can get a number of excellent dishes here at a reasonable price

Well, I think that’s all that’s…

Describing a place

5. Listen to extracts from four sections of the Listening test. Complete the first column in the table by choosing the correct letter (A, B or C)

Following directions

6. Listen and decide which diagrams (A, B, C) shows the directions described by the speaker.

Exam skill: Table completion

7. The Director of Sports is giving instructions for preparing three rooms for the inter-college sports competition at the sports centre. Write the sports in the correct gap in the table. In the second part of the task listen to the message and complete the table with the pieces of equipment. Write ONE WORDS ONLY in each gap. 


Grammar skills:

Present Perfect tenses


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