Module 3 I Lesson 9:

Listening skill


1. Listen to three short discussions, each on a particular topic.

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2. Look at these topics and listen to Speakers 1-3. Identify who has the Positive, Negative and Neutral attitude. Choose Speaker 1, Speaker 2 or Speaker 3.

Topic 1: Modern art Topic 2: Combating climate change
Positive: Positive:
Negative: Negative:
Neutral: Neutral:


Understanding speakers’ attitude

3. People often use expressions to show their attitude and opinions. Listen to six short conversations and choose Positive (A), Negative (B) or Neutral (C) for each attitude expressed by the second speaker.

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4. Listen to the conversations again and write the key words and expressions which express the speaker’s attitude. Decide whether this is positive, negative or neutral.

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Understanding the role of distractors


5. Listen to the conversations between different people and choose the best options. Follow the instructions carefully.

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Recognising paraphrases of what people say

6. Now listen to the next part of the conversation and choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

7. In Listening Sections 1 and 3, the speaker are often trying to make a decision or reach an agreement. Identifying the speaker’s opinions can help you to answer the questions correctly.

8. What do the students decide to do with the different sections of their project?

Write the correct letter, (A-F), next to questions 1-4 below.

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Make a suggestion

Agree with an idea


+ synonyms

Exam skill

9. Listen to the final part of the conversation and choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

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1. Download your homework

2. Hand it over in 1 week

Extra activities

1. Listen to eight extracts. What does each speaker show?

2. Listen again and complete the extracts.

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